Personalizing items

To complete the picture and further propagate the identity of the yacht, we can also provide items with a logo, or in this case the name of the yacht in the style of the yacht. One should think of, for example, the silverware, the glassware or crockery.

But also life-saving equipment such as buoys or the tender provided with a nameplate, license plate numbers or lettering. And to return the name in the house style in the various rooms inside the yacht / ship.

The interior of your yacht

You can also contact us for the production of interior and indication plates or signs

Think of pictures or nameplates in the wheelhouse or a complete front panel for the instruments. But also for all areas inside the ship (yacht). This is executed in stainless steel high-gloss, or stainless steel with PVD coating, or a plastic variant.

The pictures / plates are produced entirely to measure and in the house style and interior of your yacht.



You can also engage us for maintenance. All our nameplates or boat lettering are weather resistant, but dirt and seawater (salt crystals) can concentrate on all elements.

When you engage us for maintenance, we will, among other things:

  • Replace all connections (welding terminals).
  • Remove the old seal and reseal.
  • Old transformers / power supplies / power points will be replaced.
  • If necessary, polish the entire nameplate or lettering and apply a new wax layer again.
  • Check if everything works 100%.

These activities can be carried out on location. You will of course receive a price indication on request.

Damage and repair

When your boat lettering or nameplate has been damaged, you naturally want to have it repaired as soon as possible /

On request, we retain all specifications and material choices and any options taken for all our orders. We also keep a database of specifications with dimensions, materials used and color codes. The material that has been used is also kept if necessary.

So we can usually re-produce every part if necessary. After which it can be exchanged and reassembled and connected. The choice can be made by you by having it done by our own on-site technician or other technicians.

If you make the choice to have it done in-house, we can ship the re-produced element.


Restore your yachtsign

Re-lettering and / or signage the entire yacht with the same look & feel. For example, you can think of the captain’s cabin with the same font as the name sign on the door or the cabin or deck chairs with stickers or engravings or think of the labeling of towels and crew clothing.

YACHTSIGN employees and CAD specialists can reverse engineer any lettering or sign and produce an identical upgrade for your yacht or ship.

A digital model of your existing sign or lettering is created using the latest 3D scanning techniques. This can be customized to suit your needs, and new lighting concepts or design ideas can be tested before finalizing the look of your cutting-edge new nameplate. Everything is then produced. The advanced lighting system has been installed and the entire nameplate undergoes strict quality control.

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